EE 271 Materials and Heat Transport

Class Information

SYLLABUS (Revised, January 03, 2017). Click to download.

The course content includes

- Chapters 1, 2, 7 (parts) and Appendix A of the textbook "Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices, Third Edition" by S.O. Kasap, (© 2006, McGraw-Hill, USA, available at the University of Saskatchewan Book Store).

- E-booklets "X-ray diffraction", "Essential mechanical properties (1 and 2)", ''Thermal expansion and fatigue", "Diffusion and oxidation" and "Heat transfer in device engineering"

Reminder and Copyright Warning
The course handouts are free only if you have purchased a THIRD edition copy of the course textbook (not first or revised or second editions). McGraw-Hill owns all the rights to the articles that appear in the CD and also on Web-Materials. You need to own a legal copy of the THIRD edition to download, print and use the material, and to bring the handouts to the exam. Warning: Do not xerox or distribute. Copyrighted material. Remember that the textbook will be used in 2 courses: EE271 this year and EE372 next year. You need to find a legal copy of the 3rd edition. Remember: you MUST have a copy of the textbook for the midterm and final exams.